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All training is based on the requirements of the Leaner and the needs of the Client. Pro HaS will ensure that the correct training will be given to the correct persons.


Pro HaS prides itself on being an independent professional South African Company that is accredited with the Health & Welfare SETA and the Department of Labour (as applicable). We are a professional Health and Safety Consultants company.

We are driven to making a positive difference in the working environment by training, developing and equipping the personnel within your Company to assist in achieving Legal Compliance and reducing unnecessary costs wherever possible.

We believe in establishing and meeting our Clients needs in a cost-effective manner reducing financial implications to a minimum.

As Health and Safety Consultants we offer a wide range of services in order to assist our Clients in becoming compliant with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Saiosh Compliant

We pride ourselves in quality service delivery, therefore we are Saiosh Compliant and all our courses are accredited and approved by all the necessary organisations.

Pro HaS – Health and Safety Consultants
No matter the industry, we have you covered!

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